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BBT's convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf

Hessisch Oldendorf is one of the biggest meetings for Vintage Volkswagens and takes place every 4 years. Due to Covid previous edition was even 5 years ago. After the latest edition in 2017, 2022 is again a year for the die-hard Vintage Volkswagen enthusiasts.

23-26 June 2022 hundreds of Volkswagen enthusiasts will attend the little town of Hessisch Oldendorf in Germany, to meet people sharing the same interest. The nicest parts will be for sale at the sales market. Though it will be especially the collection of fantastic Volkswagens that will make that many hearts will beat faster…

BBT too will celebrate.

What’s all to happen ?

Visit Bob’s private Volkswagen collection in the separate “Bob’s garage”.

There will be an interactive guided tour throughout the BBT’s warehouse and offices. Discover one of the biggest wholesalers of the world for Vintage Volkswagens.

Enjoy a nice exhibition of special and peculiar Volkswagens from BBT friends and customers.

Meet equal-minded people as many international Volkswagen friends will attend BBT’s open house on Wednesday eve as well as to join the convoy on Thursday morning. Our open house has a very international character.

Or buy parts at our shop and enjoy extra discounts and special deals! It can all happen.

Furthermore you can eat, talk to some friends whilst having a beer. We’ll take care of it.

Accompanied by live music and a real deejay Volkswagen bus and who knows what other attractions ? Are you already curious ? Just be there !

Thursday morning after breakfast, we'll leave at 9 am sharp with the convoy in the direction of Germany. If you register for the convoy below, you'll receive the roadbook and a participant’s badge at the info desk.

Registration is for the BBT convoy only, registration and/or overnight at Hessisch Oldendorf must be arranged with the organization of the meeting itself.

We’ll be pleased to meet you all and are already looking forward to the big BBT convoy ! More than 250 participants attended previous convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf, are we doing better this year ?

Don’t miss the roadbook and enjoy your ride with your old VW through a wonderful scenery. Several stops are scheduled on the road for gathering, sanitary stops, culinary treats, to take a picture or just to inhale the ambiance. Support of Police is foreseen wherever necessary.

Join us and enjoy the ride in your old Volkswagen!

Join the convoy

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