BBT convoy to Bad Camberg
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Registration to participate @ BBT's convoy has stopped 24/05.

Hessisch Oldendorf, a marvelous Vintage Volkswagen meeting, organized once  every 4 years.  The latest edition was is 2013 and 2017 promises to be another top year for the Volkswagen fans.23-25 June forthcoming thousands of Volkswagen will be visiting the town of Hessisch Oldendorf.  People with the same interests will meet,  the nicest parts will be for sale.  But above all the collection of the most fantastic Volkswagens will delight many visitors.

This year BBT will celebrate too.

On 22 June from 3 pm till 9 pm there will be the well-known BBT open house.  Everybody is welcome…  Visit the BBT Volkswagen collection, have a  look at the  world’s largest Vintage Volkswagen parts warehouse or buy something in our shop.  It will all be possible.  Afterwards you can eat something or talk with a couple of friends and drink a pint of beer. We’ll take care of it.  There will be life music and this year too there will be some nice “surprise” acts!  Aren’t you curious ?  Don’t miss it, be there!

Friday morning 23 June after breakfast, the convoy  leaves  punctually at 9 am in direction of Germany.  At the BBT info desk you can obtain the road book as well as a participant’s badge, provided that you were previously inscribed!  Registration for the convoy is open as from now!  Register yourself here (Link)

This subscription is ONLY for the BBT convoy.  Subscriptions and/or overnight stay at Hessisch Oldendorf have to be arranged with the organization of the meeting.  You can find all information on their website : 

We’re looking forward to meet you on 22 or 23 June at the BBT headquarters and the newest edition of the great BBT convoy.  About 300 vehicles (old Volkswagens ONLY) have participated at the previous convoy to Hessisch Oldendorf, will we do better this time? Naturally we’ll try to write a clear and easy road book, don’t miss it….

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